03-Aug-2023       CO-PO Mapping in NBA SAR at Dept of CSSE02-Aug-2023       CO-PO Mapping in NAAC at Dept of ECE21-Apr-2022       Formatting an IEEE Conference paper20-Apr-2022 Data Mining (Lab Science Series talk in NSTL, Visakhapatnam)05-Jan-2022:   Observations from NIRF-2021 Ranking and Review 31-Aug-2021: Open Access publishing with IEEE31-Aug-2021: Shaping the Research proposal by strengthening the Outcomes - A case study from AICTE schemes (IAE, Hyderabad)15-July-2021: Building an innovative product for the market10-July-2021: Fundamentals of Software Engineering for Computer Science Students26-June-2021: How to prepare Project proposals for Professional Organizations15-May-2021: IEEE Senior Member Elevation Program and Membership Development01-May-2021: IEEE SIGHT Funding opportunities04-April-2021:     Issues and Challenges in organizing IEEE Conferences25-Mar-2021: Volunteering Training with IEEE19-Jan-2021: Improve NIRF Rank with Incessant Endeavors, [invited talk] Sponsor IAE, Hyderabad18-Jan-2021: Description: NIRF DCS Analysis - Action Plan and Strategy [Panel Discussion]